Thursday, March 22, 2007

Property crime heads to the basement.

The province of Saskatchewan is optimistic about a report released by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics that shows a decrease of six per cent in Saskatchewan's total crime rate last year.

Justice Minister Frank Quennell said. "It tells us that targeted approaches like the Regina Auto Theft Strategy and the Saskatoon Break and Enter Strategy are reducing crime in our communities."

Overall reduction in crime was largely due to a 12 per cent decrease in property crime. There was also a 17 per cent drop in motor vehicle thefts and a 14 per cent decline in break and enters.

Nonetheless, humans and dogs are still being affected by crime on a daily basis, as can be witnessed by a recent property crime in Caswell Hill.

Ani and Moses pose with the evidence.

Upon arriving home last night from the Saskatoon Open Door Society's 25th Anniversary Celebration, the people of Ani found a bag of ultra-premium, raw food, no grain dog kibbles torn into with half the contents missing. It appears the thieves knew exactly what they were after. Nothing else was touched. The investigation is ongoing, but there is reason to suspect this may have been an inside job.

Ani, the head of the household, was unusually quiet and had not much more than "burp, glup, belch, pffft" to say. Ani's people thought it was unfortunate that this happened while the love of Ani's life, Moses, was staying over as he might get a bad impression of the neighbourhood. While Ani and Moses were both home when the crime occurred, they are only suffering minor gasto-intestinal upset, presumably a result of the trauma of being the victims of crime.

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