Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ani and Princess Anne Spotted on Vacation Together.

On a recent trip to Regina with her two human companions, Ani was spotted as a guest in the same hotel (Hotel Saskatchewan) at the same time as her namesake from the British Royal family. While Princess Anne's trip was widely publicized and involved a number of community events, the more famous Ani was able to fly under the radar and avoid being spotted by the paparazzi. However, unbeknown to her, some of Ani's in-room candid snapshots were posted to flickr by her humans.

When asked to comment on Regina as a tourism destination, Ani said:
The Queen City was perfect for a weekend getaway. I loved the hotel, because it is directly across the street from Victoria Park, which is full of fine grass to roll around on beneath wonderful old shade trees. The only drawback was sleeping under the same roof as Princess Anne as it gave my human companions much fodder for bad jokes and teasing.