Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snowstorm Hits Saskatoon

According to Environment Canada, the blizzard that hit Saskatoon on January 10th was the worst blizzard Saskatchewan has experienced in the past 50 years. Ani, being bread from hearty working dog stock (1/3 German Shepherd and 1/3 Rottweiler), knew innately what to do and immediately put herself to work. Duties included clearing trees from roadways and making tracks though snowbanks in an effort to guide her humans through whiteout conditions during their expedition to get milk for the next morning's breakfast.Never one to tire of hard work, upon returning home Ani remained vigilantly on the lookout for stranded cars containing humans. Stranded humans seemed to be the order of the day for non-walking human types, which left Ani wondering how such a helpless species came to invent wonderful things like squeeky hedgehogs and salmon in a tin can.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome to Ani's Life.

Welcome to Ani's Life, a dogblog dedicated to the life of Ani Chernenkoff-Lindeboom, the most gentle shepherd/husky/rottweiler cross there has ever been.